Secrets Of The Best Thyroid Supplements

There is ancient wisdom that hints that we have on this planet an herb to heal every disease.

​This may be true but finding the right one for the right illness is easier said than done. To make your job easier we’re including a partial list of some of the best thyroid supplements known to help hypothyroidism.

Unfortunately there is no single supplement that can heal an underactive thyroid like magic.

​​As a matter of fact the doctors and researchers don’t even have a clear idea of what exactly causes hypothyroidism. There are several possible causes from environmental toxins to iodine deficiency to radiation. Then you have several effects these causes can have on the thyroid gland, the endocrine system, and on all the hormones that act on the thyroid gland to get it to produce it’s hormones as well as the hormones themselves.

Someday we will find a way to cure or prevent this disease, for now it is a new disease that explains a lot of previously mysterious problems people have faced such as unexplained weight gain, postpartum depression (child-birth may be rough on the thyroid hormones that regulate mood), and “brain-fog”.

So while not working all the time the following natural remedies have been used effectively by thousands.

​(note: please consult your doctor before following a regime of supplements)

​The Six Best Thyroid Supplements​

  • Iodine.Iodine is one of the very building blocks of your thyroid hormones therefore it’s isn’t surprising that iodine is considered one of the main supplements to treat hypothyroidism. It has been known for some time that an iodine deficiency can cause goitres.

    In the early 20th centuries officials worried so much about it that they had iodine added to table salt and they practically ended iodine deficiency in the west. Of course, with the beginning of people believing that salt is bad for them (starting in the 80′s or so) the trend of people using as much salt was reversed.

    Other good ways to get iodine are from seafood like fish, lobster, and oysters; and from food like kelp, seaweed, and sunflower seeds.So while iodine in some form is generally one of the natural remedies most often used to treat hypothyroidism not everyone needs it. Not everyone is deficient in iodine. This is where proper thyroid testing comes into play.

    Note(if you know nothing about testing we recommend the Hypothyroidism Solution which goes in depth about testing…including the tests your doctor doesn’t even know he should be doing…that really helps pinpoint what your problem is.)

    Read our review of the Hypothyroidism Revolution.
  • L-Tyrosine..the most common source of L-Tyrosine is protein, ie. Meat. As more and more people become vegetarians L-Tyrosine deficiencies seem to be on the rise. That is not to say a vegetarian can’t get enough. Oats, eggs, and almonds are sources of L-Tyrosine as well as tofu.

    L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that largely effects the presence of L-dopa, epinephrine, dopamine and nor-epinephrine in the brain. These neurotransmitters, among other things, control a person’s mood.

    L-Tyrosine therefore is highly recommended for depression and for helping the thyroid gland increase its hormone output. However, it is not recommended if you suffer from high blood pressure. Consult a physician to see if it is appropriate for you.

    Almost every thyroid supplement blend contains some form of L-Tyrosine.
  • B Vitamins. B vitamins (and in particular B-12) are absolutely essential for producing energy. Not only will it help your metabolism, but it will help take care of another cause of many of the symptoms of hypothyroidism (B-12 deficiency). According to a Tufts University study approximately 40% of 3000 people were found deficient in this vitamin.

    The symptoms of this deficiency are things like fatigue and hairloss. Therefore for people suffering from the symptoms of hypothyroidism vitamin B-12 could be a god-send. There are some who are beginning to think a large percentage of hypothyroidism sufferers are in fact suffering from a vitamin B deficiency. In addition your thyroid hormones need B-6, B-1, and B-2 to insure the thyroid hormones can be utilized correctly by the body’s cells.
  • Guggul…a plant whose action stimulates an important thyroid hormone (T3). It also aids the body in getting the most of the iodine stored in the body. If you have both enough iodine and hypothyroidism, it could be that the body isn’t using it well. This plant helps with that. It also helps the thyroid by helping the organ where the two primary thyroid glands do most of their work….the liver. It does this by protecting the liver from free radicals.

    Studies are impressed with the effects of the plant to lower cholesterol and to increase the metabolism. As studies grow this may be our most potent natural remedy in the fight against hypothyroidism.
  • Ginger….According to Ancient Chinese Medicine Ginger stimulates the life energy (chi) and thus fights off all disease. In the west we use it to help digestion, ease inflammation, increase ones’ metabolism, and fight off the high cholesterol that is a symptom of hypothyroidism.
  • Siberian Ginseng…Siberian Ginseng is a real super-herb. It does so many good things you could write a book on it. With regards to hypothyroidism it helps to balance out the immune system and adrenal glands. Add to that the destressing effects and it eases the suffering of many with an underactive thyroid.

These six natural remedies are amongst the most powerful remedies in the fight against hypothyroidism.

If you are looking for an all-in-one type supplement that contains a great many of the ingredients listed here (plus some of its’ own then you may be interested in checking out our review of Thyromine)​

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As usual we recommend to consult your physician before beginning to take any supplement…even the best thyroid supplements should be taken with care.​​


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