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Hypothyroidism And Pregnancy

Numerous physiological changes occur in the body when a woman is pregnant. Hormonal changes are among the most common changes that occur in women who are pregnant, which is the reason it is no unusual to see some women exhibiting mild to moderate cases of hypothyroidism.  This could be due to an increase in the […]

Symptoms Of Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism Symptoms​Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid becomes under-active and secretes less of the thyroid hormones than it should if you are to remain healthy. The thyroid hormones are responsible for your metabolism and the way in which your body will use the energy which it gets from food.  Hypothyroidism affects close to 5 percent of […]

Symptoms Of Thyroid Cancer

Symptoms of thyroid cancer should be noticed early so that enough medical care can be taken to prolong the life of an individual. The unique disadvantage with thyroid is that there will not be any symptoms in the early state of thyroid disorder. You will witness its symptoms as it takes strong roots in your […]