Hypothyroidism And Weight Gain, How To Deal With It

People with hypothyroidism have to deal with weakness, hair loss, discolouration of skin and many other problems. Prominent among these is the problem of weight gain. It is seen that hypothyroidism affects the metabolism and causes it to slow down. This means that the body will not use calories as efficiently as it should. The calories are converted to fat, instead of energy, which means that the person gains weight and feels weak, as well.

Even minor changes in the functioning of the thyroid gland can lead to inability in a person to shed weight. Often, those who are tested for hypothyroidism show hormones at levels which are normal, but these people still suffer from abnormal weight gain accompanied by the inability to lose weight as they normally would. They may try low calorie diets, exercise a lot and follow a very strict lifestyle to promote weight loss, but this may lead to no success in the end.

Unexpected and sudden weight gain is, therefore, one pointer that indicates a person might be suffering from hypothyroidism. A sluggish thyroid is one of the first things that an expert will tell you to get tested for it you approach them and tell them that you have recently gained plenty of weight even though you have not made any changes to your diet.

Weight gain is more of a problem today than it was ever before. Women are constantly conscious of how they look and are pelted with images of slim women who are supposed to be more attractive than those who are on the heavier side.

Of course, hypothyroidism is not to be battled simply because it leads to an increase in weight. It is a serious problem which causes people to feel weak and in some cases, it can cause infertility. In women, it can cause irregular menstrual cycles and a host of other problems.

A natural way to get your thyroid working at optimum level is to follow the three-phase procedure detailed in Hypothyroidism Revolution. This is a unique programme which was formulated after a number of years of research and has been tested on a number of people with fabulous results.

Hypothyroidism Revolution focuses on diet. It tells you about the kind of food which is best to treat hypothyroidism. In fact, there are many diets out there which are meant to be followed by patients of hypothyroidism, but none is as successful as Hypothyroidism Revolution.


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As a women who has hypothyroidism, I would like to share all of my knowledge to all of you about hypothyroidism and how can you make change of your life.

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