Losing Weight With Hypothyroidism

In this part we are going to cover the area that seems to be foremost in the minds of many who suffer from a sluggish Thyroid gland, and would like to know more about thyroid weight loss.

​Thyroid Weight Loss

We are going to cover some simple foods and supplements that attack the hypothyroidism weight gaining cycle at two different places…a sluggish metabolism and low energy.

With this knowledge you can simply go to the health food store or the local grocery store, buy some stuff and immediately start helping your thyroid turn around.

Arguably the easiest thing to do and since getting started is such an issue for so many with this issue we’ll start there.

So here we go.

Perhaps the first thing to do is something that won’t come as a big shock. Eat more foods that have a low glycemic value and decrease foods that have a high glycemic value. Less food with refined sugar and more food without it.

As you know sugar causes an energy “spike” and then a crash similar to getting high. As a person with an underactive thyroid gland it’s not the best diet plan to continue to have energy crashes. A “crash” for a person with hypothyroidism is not the same as it is for a normal person.

Their standard energy level without caffeine or sugar is already low. When it crashes further they can become so sluggish it would take a truck to get them off the couch.

For weight loss it is even more important

People with “normal” thyroid hormone levels can gain and lose weight simply based on this one thing. Just take a look at the diet books out there and notice that this is often a big centerpiece for them.

If you just can’t get along without something sweet then you may want to look into the natural herb stevia or other natural “sweet herbs” like erythritol.

If you are looking for a helpful supplement that will help with your energy and metabolism then there are two that you should know about.We’ve mentioned it before, but it is worth mentioning again. B vitamins. We recommend perhaps a B complex as well as a B-12 sublingual.

B vitamins help to promote good circulation and help get oxygen and blood to the human brain. Without this fatigue will continue to plague you. At least one university study has shown a surprising number of people to be deficient in B vitamins. Also a number of experts now believe a high percentage of those who think they have hypothryoidism may actually be suffering from a vitamin B deficiency.

It helps with both energy and metabolism.

Coenzyme Q10 helps your body’s cells to produce energy. For this reason it is one of the darlings of natural treatment of virtually anything.

Research indicates that people with underactive thyroid glands suffer from a deficiency of Coenzyme Q10 and adding this to your regiment can’t help but be beneficial.

You could also take an all in one natural supplement. Recently there have been quite a few coming out with claims to help kickstart low thyroid hormones and to help lose weight. These supplement vary in quality. If you would like to read our review of the one we most often recommend then click the following link.

Once you begin to get some energy back then it is time to start getting active. One of the best ways to do this is walking. Make it into something fun to do. Take a nice walk in the park everyday or somewhere where you can get out and enjoy the day. Not only will you begin to get your metabolism cooking again but you can really give your depression a kick in the pants as some good exercise makes you feel better and that’s what we’ll tackle in our next article.

In the meantime I hope you’ve found this helpful and soon you’ll be losing weight with hypothyroidism​.


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As a women who has hypothyroidism, I would like to share all of my knowledge to all of you about hypothyroidism and how can you make change of your life.

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