What You Should Know About Thyroid Cancer

6% of the world’s population has cancer in the thyroid gland. The vast majority of people with thyroid cancer are not even aware they are living with it.


Thyroid cancer refers to the outgrowing of tumors within the Thyroid gland. Normally a thyroid gland is smooth however, whenever there is a growth that changes the smoothness it is called a nodule. Nodules can be cancerous or non cancerous.

Thyroid Gland

The commonest ones are the papillary and follicular thyroid cancers. Thyroid nodules on the other hand can be said to be young and developing Thyroid cancer cells. These Thyroid nodules do grow slowly and enlarge to form Thyroid cancer if untreated.

Are you aware that you and your children are at risk of cancer and other diseases if thyroid gland disease history runs in your family?

Risks and causes of Thyroid cancer

Genes called Oncogenes cause a cell to grow and divide without control. Why exactly do certain oncogenes become active is still to be known. Oncogenes exist in all the cells. A chemical or radiation in the environment can lead to cancer. Another cause of cancer is irradiation. Adults and children exposed to radioactive iodine can also develop thyroid cancer. Young adults who receive face irradiation for acne or enlarged tonsils may develop cancer too.

Based on the appearance of the nodule cancers are identified .There are mainly four types of thyroid cancer Papillary thyroid cancer Follicular thyroid cancer,medullary thyroid cancer and Anaplastic cancer. Medullary Thyroid Cancer runs in families and often treatable and you may be suffering with Papillary cancer for decades without any harm while patients with anaplastic cancer do not live for more than three years.

Symptoms and treatments​

Ultra-sound needle aspiration mechanism is used to detect the presence of Thyroid nodules in the Thyroid gland. Radioactive Iodine treatment can also be used to treat Thyroid cancer. Thyroid nodule formation can be said to be the most visible symptom of Thyroid cancer.

An enlarged lymph node is also noticeable at the onset of the formation of Thyroid nodules. Thyroid cancer is synonymous with euthyroid patients, while lymph node formation-a symptom of Thyroid cancer which can result in neck pains in the anterior region.

The Diagnosis of Thyroid cancer is usually done by physical examination and by subjecting the patient to ultra-sound mechanisms. When nodules are discovered, the patient are immediately referred to an endocrinologist for further diagnosis.

Further diagnosis of the presence of Thyroid nodules and cancer is done by the measurement of the Thyroid stimulating Hormones (TSH). Further measurement of the anti-Thyroid antibodies will also confirm the presence of thyroid nodules as well as Thyroid cancer.

Little is known about why specific individuals get thyroid cancer and whats it causes are making it vital for every individual to be armed with the right information and get tested for it.

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As a women who has hypothyroidism, I would like to share all of my knowledge to all of you about hypothyroidism and how can you make change of your life.

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