Hypothyroidism And Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease

What Is Thyroid Cyst?

Poly cystic Ovarian Disease is a very common complaint among the girls and young women. The key problem of PCOD is the ovary fails to produce matured egg every month, sometimes the menstruation happens even without ovulation, Thus many women scared that it could affect their conception after marriage.

Menstrual irregularity, Hisutism, Female paten Baldness, obesity ,Acne are the common features of poly Cystic Ovarian Disease. Every year many women are diagnosed with PCOD. While tracing the causative factor for PCOD , hypothyroidism. comes as a package in many individuals​.

​How it Occurs?

Thyroid hormones can modulate fat synthesis. An increase in the fat level in the blood gives more additional birth to the hormones. It increases the risk of non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus by ten-fold. Fat tissue apparently has two roles in promoting diabetes:​

  • It increases the demand for insulin
  • Another way it creates insulin resistance

This is the reason that Poly cystic Ovarian Disease in women and Hypothyroidism comes in a package in many victims.

​Hypothyroidism can lead to low levels of SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) which in turn can lead to higher concentrations of free testosterone and increased testosterone throughout the body The poly cystic ovarian diseases patronize the ovary with peripheral cysts in the ovary and disturb the female hormones, the oestrogen and progesterone. More over it affect the ovulation and anovulatory cycles.

High testosterone levels contribute additionally the acne, female pattern baldness and excess hair growth in unwanted places. Hirsutism and Female pattern Baldness are very common complaint of Poly cystic ovarian Disease.

Male body hair pattern also found excess hair on the face, between the breasts, or on the lower abdomen and most frequently on extremities. The hair apparatus of the female skin is hypersensitive to even mild elevation of serum testosterone. Female pattern baldness is similar to the androgenic alopecia of males, but the hair loss can be diffuse with no effect on hairline.

How To Find?​

Women with hypothyroidism also are more likely to have velvety, hyper pigmented skin folds called “Acanthosis nigrans”.

How To Treat?

Treatment of polycystic ovarian disease is clinically challenging, Homoeopathy finds solutions to all problems by treating the entire syndrome as a single entity. No separate remedy needed for PCOD and Hypothyroidism . A single remedy is selected by studying the constitution of the particular patient will eliminate the hydra headed disease from her body. It acts on the dynamic level of a cell rooting the exact cause for the disease. The cellular level disturbances in homoeopathy falls under the understanding of” Miasms” A patient with functional disturbance of a cell will receive an “Anti psoric Remedy” and proliferative classification as “ Anti sycotic Remedy “
There are many clinical evidences on PCOD cures with Hypothyroidism to highlight the efficacy of Homoeopathy.


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As a women who has hypothyroidism, I would like to share all of my knowledge to all of you about hypothyroidism and how can you make change of your life.

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