Understanding The Functions Of The Thyroid Gland

The functions of the Thyroid in the body are quite enormous. Thyroid helps in the manufacture of hormones which controls metabolism and growth of the body. While performing this job, Thyroid manufactures a chemical substance known as Iodine, this Iodine is absorbed through food materials and water.

50 milligrams of Iodine is believed to be present or needed for the proper functioning of the Thyroid gland. One-third of this 50 milligrams of Iodine is stored in the Thyroid. Important Hormones are manufactured when Thyroid combines Iodine with Tyrosine.

​When Thyroid Hormones are supplied through the blood stream and into the body cells, they tend to act in sexual developments especially in puberty, The Thyroid also helps the body regulate its metabolism. It does this by releasing the energy from the nutrients in food substances that is ingested into the blood stream.

The Thyroid gland also converts excess energy in the body to other substances needed by the body for other purposes. The Thyroid gland regulates the body’s basal metabolic rate –this is the energy required to keep the body functioning while it is at rest.

The Para-thyroid hormone secreted in the thyroid gland provides the body with necessary amount of Calcium for bones, teeth and nails development. Thyroid is very essential in female reproductive mechanism. It balances hormonal reactions of pregnant women. Thyroid regulates ovulation, hence the release of eggs through the ovaries are made easy through the effectiveness of Thyroid.

Thyroid Gland and Your Body

Thyroid gland is essential for the proper functioning of the body. Apart from the regulation of the body metabolism, production of Hormones and taking part in reproductive functions, Thyroid gland also takes part in the functioning of other organs and parts of the body. For instance Thyroid affects brain functioning that is a shortage of thyroid glands might lead to development of Brain tumors which might lead to brain cancers if not treated properly.

The deficiency of Thyroid Hormones in the Brain results in hypothyroidism. Untreated Hypothyroidism can lead to permanent brain damage and death. Faster nail growth is one of the affect of shortage of Thyroid hormones.

Thyroid is also essential in the functioning of Stomach intestines and liver. The synthesis of protein in the stomach intestine and liver would be impossible without the secretion of Hormones from the Thyroid. Poor stomach and liver functioning results from an insufficient secretion of Hormones from the Thyroid.

Thyroid Hormones prepares the stomach with the right optimal conditions for proper digestive functioning, it also aids in the digestion and protein substances in the intestines.

Thyroid is also important in the functioning of skin, hair and nails. Too little secretion of hormones from the thyroid will result in the formation of dry brittle hair. This will finally result in tremendous hair losses. Hair growth particularly depends on Thyroid hormones, insufficient supply of Thyroid Hormones are often noticed in hair breakages and hair thickening.

The short supply of Thyroid Hormones to the end layers of the skin usually result in the dryness of the scalp and further shortage of thyroid hormones will lead to the dryness of hair particles​​


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