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What Are The Natural Treatment For Hypothyroidism?

If you have hypothyroidism and are looking for the best natural treatments to help you finally get your life back, lose those unwanted pounds, and regain your energy then this may be the site you’ve been waiting for.

Our site combines the best insights taken from health industry professionals such as leading doctors, research scientists, and naturapathic doctors to provide you with the best natural remedies for an underactive thyroid.​

The first question for you to answer, the one on which your success depends is when you have hypothyroidism?​

Answer this question wrong and you will have failed before you get started.

But it’s a tricky question to answer.

Hypothyroidism itself is a disease that has only been identified fairly recently. There are many causes of the condition and detecting them is no easy matter.

​Because of this it is difficult to diagnose hypothyroidism and it’s treatment is nuanced and subtle. One of the major complications in the diagnosis is that many of the symptoms can masquerade as natural symptoms of ageing.

The Early Warning Signs You May Have Hypothyroidism

WEIGHT GAIN - The Thyroid Gland controls the body’s metabolism. When the hormones slow down the body’s metabolism becomes sluggish. Unable to burn up calories as it once did many people naturally begin to put on pounds. Diet and exercise do little good. It feel like no matter what you do you can’t lose weight. Luckily when correctly treated the metabolism can turn around and start burning up the fat once more.​

FATIGUE - anything from getting tired early in the day to feeling like you can’t get out of bed in the morning. Lack of energy is the big complaint amongst hypothyroidism sufferers. It makes many feel they are missing out on life.​

HAIR LOSS - Can be very scary. The first sign is that your hair brush is fill with hair. In small amounts this is natural. In large clumps in may be a sign.​

​DRYING OF THE SKIN - It’s one thing to naturally have dry skin and to need a moisturizer and another to have your skin feel “flaky” all the time.

DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY - The thyroid gland hormones help to regulate mood. With their decrease sadness can begin to envelope a person and depression sets in.​


TROUBLE CONCENTRATING OR REMEMBERING - And we don’t mean just not being able to find your keys. You feel like you can’t think clearly or remember simple things. This is known casually as “brain fog”".​

INSOMNIA - as if being tired isn’t enough you can’t rest and recharge.​

If you exhibit some or all of these symptoms then you may or may not have hypothyroidism.

To determine this you should be tested. These test should be done by a licensed endocrinologist, but be warned there are 5 tests that probably not 1 in 10 endocrinologists know to perform yet they are crucial to getting a correct diagnosis. These tests as well as how to interpret them are outlined by Duncan Capicchiano in his great book the Hypothyroidism Solution reviewed on this site.

This test is very important because with it you can pinpoint and target the cause of the condition and therefore begin to heal rather than simply masking the symptoms.

Here’s the truth…

There is no current medical cure for hypothyroidism. If you have it you are then medicated for life (given synthetic hormones), if not then nothing is done.

For now treatment using natural remedies is one area that offers great hope not simply to treat the symptoms of hypothyroidism, but to return the body back to its natural state of health.

Do not misunderstand us. If you have an advanced case or if your doctor believes you need them then these pharmaceuticals may be necessary and we recommend taking them. The researchers are working every day to minimize side effects.

But for the many for whom the medications don’t work–or those who wish to explore the natural remedies that many thousands have found effective we offer some options…

Here’s the Five Major Categories of Natural Treatment of Hypothyroidism…​

  • Diet - Perhaps the most important. There are many things to eat that stimulate the thyroid as well as things that block the thyroid’s activity.
  • Exercise - One of the more difficult things to do when you are low on energy, but few things are as beneficial to ones’ health as good old fashioned exercise. Since you are low on energy there’s no need to start running a triathlon immediately. Regular Practice of going for a walk, yoga, or pilates will heap plenty of benefits.
  • Herbal Medicine and Supplements -  One of the easiest things you can do to turn around your health and battle hypothyroidism. Click Here to see our number one recommended hypothyroidism supplement.
  • De-stressing - It seems only now is the medical establishment and our society in general beginning to recognize the effect stress has on the body. The stress response causes the adrenals to go into overdrive having a negative effect on the thyroid gland. Meditation and relaxation techniques have helped many people.
  • Other - Acupuncture, energy medicine, qigong, reiki, and many other healing modalities which are only now being explored in the west.

These treatments can be very effective for sufferers of hypothyroidism as well as people who suspect they are on their way to getting hypothyroidism and who are looking to keep their good health.

​We know that it stinks to have so little energy that it feels like it takes a truck to get you out of bed in the morning. To feel like you don’t have the energy to do things that matter like spend time with the kids or get out in the world and do things. We’ve seen people on line who take 4 and 5 naps a day, missed their honeymoons, and who lack the energy to even look up the information they may need.

​The toll that the weight gain, fatigue, and everything else takes is great. So congratulations..you’ve made it this far.

​But please take a heart…

​No matter how hopeless it may now feel you can heal your thyroid. Thousands of people have done so who didn’t think they could and daily more discoveries are being made.

​Just know to treat this problem naturally sometimes takes a bit of time. Evidence indicates that–though some people can experience fast results from some ingredients– many people take some time to begin to get that “pep in their step” back. To heal their damaged metabolism and get back to their healthy weight. To have healthy skin and hair again. To fell like “themselves”. Yes, it is possible to find the right treatment for you and to heal your underactive thyroid. Just be a little patient.

Have a look at our review of Hypothyroidism Revolution.


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