Conventional Hypothyroidism Treatments Side Effects

The Side Effects of Hypothyroidism Treatments

Hypothyroidism is a chronic disorder which is caused when your thyroid gland fails to secrete the required hormone of thyroxine in the form of T3 and T4. For managing normal health condition, every human being needs a certain amount of thyroxine, and when there is a reduction in the normal range it causes hypothyroidism.

It would affect your health in many forms like reduced pulse rate, slow reflexes and enlarged condition of the heart. Further, it may also cause slowness in normal functions and confusion in your brain thereby affecting your thinking capacity and concentration.

Number of treatment methods is available for hypothyroidism. Tom Brimeyer in his book Hypothyroidism Revolution has clearly offered permanent solution for treating this disorder. But, before you start working on his treatment plan, you should know about the types of conventional treatment for hypothyroidism and its side effects.

To begin with, hypothyroidism is a chronic disorder hence requires lifelong treatment. In other words, you should not stop taking medicines or any other type of treatment till you live. This theory is certainly the worst side effect of conventional medicines.​

Thyroid tablets​

Earlier, doctors gave desiccated thyroid tablets to patients in the form of levothyroxine T4 (Levoxyl). But, this medicine could not be prepared with consistent potency since it was extracted from animal glands and hence it was later replaced by pure form of synthetic thyroid.

Cytomel (T3) is the other pill given for treating hypothyroidism which has to be taken several times a day. On an average, an adult needs to take 100-150 mcg of T4 each day if he or she chose to follow conventional therapy of treating hypothyroidism.​

Replacement therapy​

Thyroid hormone replacement was done for many patients who totally lack hormone secretion from the gland. However, this could badly damage their heart condition accounting for various types of heart problems in the future. Imagine the side effects in children and women who were otherwise healthy but went through great struggle after taking medicines for thyroid, inviting heart problems.

It would often cause chest pain, and sometimes it may trigger heart attack in older patients. Hence, many people hesitated to prefer hormone replacement therapy in the fear of getting acute heart attack.​

​​Effect on other medicines

Another drastic adverse effect of taking thyroid medicines is it will interfere with any other medications you take in the future causing more complications. Patients who take this medicine should, under no circumstances, take iron tablets or antacids (even aluminum hydroxide found in many antacids) since this will result in failure of absorption of thyroid drugs. Again, there is no guarantee that you are given correct dosage of drugs for hypothyroidism.

You will be asked to monitor the TSH level in blood every 2 months, and so the dosage will be changed. There is every chance for your gland to secrete excess of thyroid hormone causing serious consequences if you are on over dosage of medicines.​

​Even doctors have admitted that if any person who takes thyroid medicines can suffer from severe heart palpitations and irregular heartbeat if his system suddenly starts secreting hormone thereby overloading it. It may aggravate his blood pressure and may cause osteoporosis. Hence, care must be taken to keep the TSH level within the standard range. Very often people who have just started with thyroid treatment will observe the following side effects.​

  • Increased appetite
  • Increased palpitation
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Confusion
  • Shakiness
  • Poor concentration
  • Diarrhea and sweating leading to dehydration
  • Sleeping sickness
  • Dry skin and sudden hair loss

​In case you suffer from subclinical hypothyroidism, you should consult your doctor before you start taking medicines. It can cause harm in two possible ways. Even if your system is able to secrete small quantity of TSH on its own, you will have to stop the treatment abruptly since it may harm you. On the other hand, if your TSH level becomes higher, then taking oral thyroid drugs may boost your blood cholesterol thereby affecting your heart’s ability to pump blood causing heart attack and stroke.

Under dosage and over dosage​

Problems faced by patients who take conventional treatment for hypothyroidism due to under dosage include sluggishness, chills and fever, mental confusion and muscular cramps. Similarly, those who are exceeding the dosage of Levothyroxine may suffer from symptoms of rapid heartbeat, palpitations, pulse variation, congestive heart failure, nervousness, anxiety, depression, agitation, sudden weight loss, loss of appetite, intestinal disturbance, headache, muscular cramps, stiffness in joints and intolerance to heat.

The irony of taking conventional medicine is the patient will not feel better even after they have reached the normal TSH level and will continue to have the above symptoms. Having excess of thyroid hormone in blood is potentially dangerous for newborns and pregnant women.​

​​Adverse Effects of Treatment

​People who take conventional treatments for hypothyroidism for long-term will have increased risk of getting osteoporosis. This condition is more particular in women who are in the menopause stage. It weakens the bones and they are prone to fractures and other complications by resorting to conventional treatment.

​Like many other conventional methods of treatment, taking thyroxine tablets or hormone replacement therapy have serious side effects. Some patients undergo radioactive iodine therapy for hypothyroidism is more prone to thyroid cancer in the future. Radiation is considered to be the reason for causing inflammation of the lymph nodes. Sometimes, the adverse effect can become fatal if you are not hospitalized immediately.

​It is very much essential for you to monitor any new symptoms once you start taking any type of conventional treatment for this disorder. However, you can stick on to Hypothyroidism Revolution Program created by Tom Brimeyer which provides a complete solution based on controlling diet and exercise. Therefore, it is wise to resort to natural healing methods that give a permanent solution scientifically instead of sticking on to traditional medicines for long-term. Further as stated in his eBook, you have to make lifestyle changes and dietary changes to manage hypothyroidism.

Overall, if you choose to rely on the traditional treatment methods for hypothyroidism, you need to take medicines for lifelong and continue to monitor TSH levels often. But, by choosing the alternate therapy of natural healing process based on Hypothyroidism Revolution Program, you are not only preventing you from risks of other disorders, but also improving your overall health.​


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